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Build a Powerful and Professional Sales Force with Manufacturer Sales Representatives, Independent Sales Reps, Distributors, Wholesalers, Rep groups and, as well as, Service Providers.

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  • Locate Manufacturer Sales Reps and Independent Sales Reps
  • Unlimited responses. Find UNLIMITED Manufacturer Sales Reps, Independent Sales Reps, Manufacturer rep groups, Independent rep groups, Distributors, dealers and wholesalers
  • Hire Manufacturer Sales Representatives for full time or part time positions for direct sales force or hire independent commission only sales reps as team members
  • Manufacturer Sales Reps, Independent Sales Reps, and Distributors Find Products and Services to sell
  • Jobs for Executive level and management levels for Manufacturer Representatives, Independent Sales Reps, and Distributors
Find Manufacturer Sales Representatives

Reps4Hire is still offering the BEST pricing across the net to find manufacturer reps!

Find Manufacturer Representatives, Hire manufacturer reps, Manufacturer Rep jobsEngineering Sales Teams for “Hybrid” Sales Organizations. Direct Salary Employees augmented with Independent reps, Commission only 1099 reps, freelance or Contract Professionals

Connecting Manufacturers, Suppliers, Service Providers, Recruiters and Employers with:

  • Independent Consultants in all Industries
  • Manufacturer Reps in all industries
  • Independent Sales Reps
  • Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Independent Dealers, not only-but also direct buy dealers
  • Manufacturer Sales Representatives for direct sales force or commission only sales teams
  • Manufacturer Rep Groups and managed manufacturer rep groups
  • Independent Sales Rep Groups, likewise, independently managed independent reps groups
  • Contract sales groups and syndicated sales teams

MASTER EXPERTS: Specializing in NICHE industries, in other words, minimum of 20 years experience in a specialty.


Comprehensive and turn-key solutions with pro-active team management. For instance, hire a managed sales team.

Networking Opportunities for Manufacturer Representatives, Contract, Consulting and Commission Only Sales or Marketing Professionals (1099)

Everybody is talking about adding value with new trends for sales team building. Above all, companies are recognizing the need for creative hiring and team building. As a result, Companies are utilizing unique and creative Strategies to motivate manufacturer reps.

Engineering Sales Teams for “Hybrid” Sales Organizations. Manufacturer Representatives of Direct Salary Employees augmented at the same time with either Independents, Commission only compensation, freelance or Contract Professionals.

Selling with Independent Manufacturer reps is a cost-effective alternative to hiring manufacturer rep employees for many companies. Likewise, companies of all sizes are seeking professionals for their Jobs for Manufacturer Sales Reps. In fact, companies are exploring even more creative needs of sales reps relative to compensation and flexibility.

Companies recognize Manufacturer Reps have many questions when reviewing and selecting products to sell. As a result, companies are much more creative and flexible. Therefore, companies take into account the compensation and variable needs of sales reps. Furthermore, the results are posted in the creative jobs for manufacturer reps.

There are many benefits of hiring independent manufacturer reps for companies. Consequently, they have posted many great job opportunities for manufacturer reps on Reps4Hire.


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