There are numerous Competitive Advantages with Establishing a Sales Force through hiring Independent Manufacturer Representatives & Distributors.


Advantages of hiring Independent Manufacturer RepresentativesRecruiting and retaining the most effective Independent Manufacturer Representatives may be a company’s number one competitive advantage to help your organization to rapidly achieve success.

Manufacturer sales reps are an incredibly essential aspect for almost any manufacturer or service provider. Particularly, for those companies whose ambition is to promote their products and/or services deep into the market. Companies with complex sales, long sales cycles or high-margin products can be more efficient with a direct sales force. The direct sales force refers to a salary type of compensation and often with commission bonuses – this can be especially relevant when additional sales bonuses are added. Established companies and larger organizations have often hired manufacturer reps as direct employees in the past but this is changing. Larger companies are increasing in demand seeking independent manufacturer representatives. Companies with established business can provide the independent reps unique financial rewards to encourage them to join their team.

Manufacturer sales reps enhance your company in an astonishing capacity.

One of the most crucial aspects a manufacturer sales rep can offer is their physical presence. Independent manufacturer reps already have established relationships and can be beneficial to any company. Established relationships often helps to make it easier to enter products into the market space.  Compensation of manufacturer reps needs to be creative. This holds true whether hiring them as direct employees or independent (commission only) reps. The latter offers a company an incredible opportunity for little investment for the company – relative to compensation for independent manufacturer sales reps on commission only. Many organizations, large and small, utilize independent manufacturer reps. An organization’s limitations increase with the limited creativity of your team.

Developing a sales force with independent manufacturer representatives compensated by commission only will need to be carefully structured. Be creative when developing your commission compensation and this is extremely critical for commission only compensation. There are many manufacturers creatively compensating their independent manufacturer reps, which may include a salary, stipend, or various other types of compensation.  Nothing motivates manufacturer reps better than a great commission compensation package. Manufacturer sales reps also seek marketable products, desired by their customers, along with those offering a good compensation. Manufacturer Reps go through a series of screening questions when reviewing and selecting products to sell.

Selling with Independent Manufacturer reps offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to hiring a direct sales force for many companies. Companies of all sizes offering creative compensation are seeking sales professionals for their Jobs for Manufacturer Sales Reps.



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