Selling with Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps is an alternative to hiring salary reps. Utilizing Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps, Independent rep teams and distributors will provide a company a strategic edge.

Selling with Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps provides companies a competitive advantage.Selling with Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps is a cost-effective way to leverage targeted expertise in your sales industry

Selling with Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps provides an organization to compensate based on sales results. Manufacturer Reps are often independent sales reps working on commission only compensation for sales results and, typically, the manufacturer pays the manufacturer sales rep a percentage of what they sell.  Hiring independent manufacturer sales reps results in many costs of labor being eliminated as associated with direct employees.


Selling with Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps provides access and knowledge of specific territories.

Independent Manufacturer sales reps are experts on the products they carry and they know the needs of their local market area and customer base. Selling with Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps provides an organization access to established relationships specific for your products or service offerings. These relationships may be local, regional, national and / or international.


Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps may work for a single manufacturer, while others will represent multiple companies or products.

Aligning with multiple companies helps to diversify the sales portfolio and increase income opportunities for the manufacturer sales rep.  Manufacturer sales reps are contracted, commission only, employees or a combination thereof.  Successful Independent representatives offer companies great experience. As a result, experience demands higher commission structure to pioneer new products.  An opportunity that closes easily upon introductions to the right contacts demands a lower commission compensation. There are also independent manufacturer sales reps that may take on a well branded line for home parties, such as Avon, Tupperware or other work from home setting, direct selling setting or door to door selling to consumers.

Manufacturer sales representatives often specialize in a specific industry and may range from technical and scientific products to nonscientific products.

Many industry sectors utilize Independent Manufacturer sales representatives. View job opportunities.

There are specific companies that target very niche industries. For example, if you are a medical or healthcare company you will need to target high level independent medical manufacturer sales reps, such as the MedCepts Network for Independent Medical Sales reps and independent medical product distributors. Due to MedCepts specialty, we partner with them as one of the many websites to distribute your job listings.

In conclusion, Selling with Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps as an outsourced sales force is an ongoing effort. For this reason, we make it extremely affordable for even small businesses to post a listing. We offer various terms to allow you an ongoing search for niche manufacturer sales reps. Post your manufacturer sales rep opportunity for less than elsewhere. PLUS, we do not limit the amount of responses you can receive.

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