How to become a successfull Manufacturer Sales RepresentativeA Manufacturer Sales Representative can be an individual or small business that represents one or more manufacturers’ products in the marketplace.

Manufacturer sales representatives chooses to represent one manufacturer or they may represent several manufacturers of complementary products. They work for a salary base, plus commissions or a commission only compensation for sales closed.

Manufacturer sales reps select products and manufacturers based on their individual preferences and relationships.  As a result, reps will take into account their established contacts, their sales experience, the individual product and, in addition, marketability of the product. Therefore, the manufacturer sales rep working on commission only, independent sales reps, needs to be very selective in choosing their products. Commission only manufacturer reps choose products carefully, regardless of whether selecting products directly from a manufacturer, inventor or major distributor. Manufacturer sales reps hired with a salary base are chosen carefully by the employer. In conclusion, sales reps are chosen by manufacturers based on sales experience and ability to succeed, while the sales rep considers the same.

Tips on becoming a manufacturer sales representative:

  1. Successful Sales Experience: Those with successful sales experience are prime candidates for representing manufacturer lines. Furthermore, Top sales professionals often move to independent manufacturers sales opportunities.
  2. Identify your Specialty: Experience in a specific industry is critical. It will be more challenging to go from one industry into another but top reps will succeed. As an example, if your experience is in apparel products you will find challenges in selling electronics. However, as an apparel rep you would do well with expanding to specialty apparel boutique shops or add lines of specialty boutique jewelry.
  3. Identify your Relationships: Established relationships will assist you further in successful sales results.
    1. Relationships to decision makers for purchasing the lines you carry
    2. Ability to access the right contacts for purchasing of the lines you carry.
  4. Align with six to twelve manufacturers: Align with multiple products or manufacturers providing you multiple products because this will diversify your income opportunities. Carefully choose your manufacturer lines to carry.
  5. The manufacturer sales rep often provides their own tools.
    1. Home office
    2. Communications: Phone, Skype, Video or web meetings
    3. Internet Access
    4. Reliable vehicle


Browse product categories to find products offered by manufacturers. Contact one or more of the manufacturers and request information about becoming a manufacturer sales representative for their products.

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