Product selection for Independent Reps, Independent Manufacturer Reps and Distributor Reps. What products do independent reps and independent manufacturer reps select to sell? Whether you are an independent sales rep, an independent manufacturer’s sales rep or manufacturer distributor rep here are a few Tips to consider when selecting a product line to promote.

The following are top questions for Manufacturer Reps to explore when reviewing and selecting products to sell.

  • Does the product fit the sales rep’s sales call cycle?
    • Manufacturer Reps need to have relationships and already calling on customers to consider the product.
    • New relationships can be started. Often it is easier for the Manufacturer Reps to utilize their relationships to promote new products.Manufacturer Reps - Choosing Products and Manufacturers to work with


  • Does the product offer a competitive edge?

    • Combining a Manufacturer Reps’ already established relationships with a good product is powerful.
    • Many successful manufacturer’s sales representatives will close sales with challenging products. Companies with difficult products to sell will provide additional compensation.


  • How powerful are the Marketing strategies and sales tools for introduction to customers?
    • Sales resources provided need to be powerful to help close the sale upon review of the potential buyer.
    • Top sales professionals can add a huge value during presentations with poorly prepared marketing tools.
    • It is the ultimate to have quality marketing material.


  • Are the Manufacturer Reps pioneering the products to explore the sales potential? Does the product line already have established sales?
    • It is imperative to recognize the closing potential for commission results, particularly when compensation is based on sales results. However, if the product already has established sales, these metrics will be helpful to review.

Additional questions to consider:

  • How challenging is the product for the Manufacturer Reps to generate a commission? Is it more financially rewarding to introduce another product line?
    • Many companies wrongfully feel they can align with reps to add their product to the sales representative’s bag.
    • Manufacturer Reps focus on products and services that their customers are interested in, especially when compensation is completely based on sales results.


  • Does the product provide an additional value for the customers of the independent sales rep or manufacturer’s sales rep?
    • Add value to the sales representative’s presence with viable product because if it isn’t, the sales rep will often avoid the product.


  • Does the company select their Manufacturer Reps properly? Are they qualified reps?
    • Some companies offer a salary, base or stipend compensation along with commission while others offer commission only on actual sales closed.
    • A company offering commission only may feel they can hire lots of sales reps in hopes for increasing sales as a whole. They may feel if each sales rep makes 1 sale and they align 100 reps, then that equates to 100 sales for the company.
    • A company turning numbers of reps is a company to avoid.
    • Consider the sales hiring process of fellow reps.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned sales rep or exploring to become a manufacturer sales representative, you will benefit from additional Tips on how to become a manufacturer sales rep. Browse our job board to find manufacturer rep jobs to get started.


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